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An Exclusive Marketing Venture for Australian LVI Graduates
Business today is about being ‘Seen’ on the Internet

Cosmetic Dentistry - Neuromuscular Dentistry - Migraines

Fellow LVI Graduate,

The internet is now the major source of new business in our industry with close to 1 Million Google searches for Cosmetic Dentist(s) this year in Australia... and its growing. There were over 7 Million Google searches for the word “dental”.

For the past months I have been involved with an Australian leader in website design and internet marketing creating a National and International ‘Cosmetic Dentist Lead Generating Matrix’ to capture the major share of the ‘Cosmetic Dentistry’ search traffic which will be  directed to our members.

This form of marketing has generated many thousands of ‘clicks’ per month in other industries.

I am writing to extend an invitation to you as a LVI Dentist who has completed Core 2 or above, to be involved in this unique internet marketing opportunity aimed at significantly increasing the number of cosmetic cases on your books. 

This campaign will centre on a matrix of internet sites and high ranking domain names (which we now own) all linked together to capture ‘searches’ to terms such as ‘cosmetic dentist’ ‘neuromuscular dentist’ and ‘migraine headaches’

The goal is to generate low cost quality leads from genuine clients which are then directed to your practice.

Countless marketing campaigns and proposals have been presented to you and I, and for one reason or another they have failed, either partially or completely, however this campaign will become the 'Where Is’ of the Australian Dental Industry.

The internet is an extremely powerful tool which has changed the way people seek information, products and services.

Today, almost all new business comes from internet searches.

Search volumes are continually increasing, we have set up a major internet presence utilising ‘high traffic search terms’ which are used by potential clients searching for our dental services.

We are able to capture traffic to these high ranked searches and direct them to our site which then feeds them to our member’s sites.

This methodology provides a fantastic platform for us to generate quality leads from genuine searchers.

Kind Regards,

Bill Cearns.
Australia’s first LVI Trained Technician and Specialist LVI Dental Laboratory

LVI Endorsements for CDA:

Anne-Maree Cole BDS, LVIM

Ann Maree Cole, BDM, LVIM  

"Unfortunately knowing how to do something and having people know that you do it are not one and the same thing.

So marketing our skills and our ability to help the people who need it is a fact of life. But marketing and advertising chews up big dollars in the hope of catching someone who may be interested. Internet marketing is critical and a presence on the internet is essential but it is easy to get lost in myriad of other people hoping to do the same thing. Pay per click can chew up thousands of dollars monthly.

Phone:   +61 7 3257 1577
Address:   151 Robertson Street Fortitude Valley Queensland 4006
But what if everyone with a shared skill set joined forces? What if the budget was shared to reach search criteria far beyond the budget that any ONE of us could afford and the people who searched from your vicinity were directed to your Practice?

Now that would make sense! Bill Cearns has discovered how to do just that for a cost at about 10% of what I thought he was going to tell me!

My response: “Sign me up, when can we get this show on the road!”

 I want to spend my time treating patients and enjoy my leisure time because my marketing is working for me not the other way around. Love it, Bill, Love it! Thank-you."

Brett Taylor, BDS, FICD, FPFA

Ann Maree Cole, BDM, LVIM   To say I was excited when Bill explained this idea to me is an understatement. We all know that the future of advertising and marketing is the internet, this system will allow us to OWN dentistry on the internet, and for a very modest fee. I fully expect this be the best return on advertising I'll ever make. Yes , I'm still excited
Phone:   +61 2 9580 3047
Address:   16 The Strand Penshurst

Fred Calavassy, BDS

Ann Maree Cole, BDM, LVIM  

"With millions of hits going through search engines every second, wouldn’t it be good to know some of those are going to you and your business? Through CDA, we will become the shining light in the internet vortex.

A place where people searching for your skills will be able to find you. Technology is out there to be had by all, but few take up the opportunity to use its power – CDA has done just that!

Phone:   +61 2 9894 9333
Address:   Level 1, 251 Old Northern Road
Castle Hill

Harnessing the POWER OF INTERNET MARKETING is the only way to market in such a competitive world. Without it you will be lost in the black hole of internet anonymity!

Your choice... be lost or shine through via CDA!"

More Information

How it Works:

You, as an LVI graduate are being offered the exclusive use on our Google searches to the terms;

Cosmetic Dentists Neuromuscular Dentists Migraine Dentists

When a Google Search opens to search results on our sites for Cosmetic Dentists - Neuromuscular Dentists - Migraine Dentists the Client searching will be directed to our home site, where they can proceed to find

  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Neuromuscularc Dentistry
  • Migraines

When this home page opens up our computer program knows the location of the Client and has inserted their postcode in a search box.

A map of the area also appears showing where this postcode is situated, along with the location of the closest LVI member.

Once they click on one of the 3 options Cosmetic – Neuromuscular or Migraines the closest CDA members home page will appear which will provide them with the dentists photo (if chosen to display), credentials, years of experience, additional training and field of cosmetic dentistry, contact details and a link to their home website.

Each member dentist’s home page will be set up within a uniform template, to ensure that there is continuity across the whole site.

Should the Client searching not like the closest dentists web site they can return to the main menu and select or browse through to the next closest site listed on the initial map.

This system has been set up to track the number of leads which have been sent through to your website and office, which will provide you with the opportunity to track your conversion rates, and gain a greater understanding of the effectiveness of your front office procedures.

Operating Name:

This centralised online directory has been created for people who genuinely want to find a qualified cosmetic dentist within a close proximity to their home or work, and for this reason the name Cosmetic Dentists of Australia (CDA) seems to encapsulate the services which are provided.

The name CDA has been previously used to promote cosmetic dentistry, in a company which I was a Founding Partner.

Although the business showed potential, it was let down by the lack of quality traffic, which this new concept addresses and overcomes.

Google Facts & Figures:

To give you an understanding of the volume of dental and cosmetic specific searches which have been made through Google (pages from Australia only), in July 2009, the table below outlines how many times each key word was searched for:

Key word searched for:

Number of times searched for:





Cosmetic Dentist


Cosmetic Dentistry


Total Dental Enquiries


Total Cosmetic Enquiries


Google AU – July 2009

As you can see the hits on these particular key words are huge, and we have developed a system which channels much of this traffic to our website, this allows you to appreciate how powerful this site can be.

Although I have shown the results of very broad key words above, if we focus on words which are specific to our industry and our training, I am sure you will be astounded by the hits which were generated for the following key words:

Key word searched for:

Number of times searched for:

Neuromuscular Dentistry




Neuromuscular Dentists


Google AU – July 2009

Who would have thought there would have been this many Neuromuscular enquiries in a given month on such a specific topic, in a dental field which is still very much untapped?!

We also know we can help many people who suffer from debilitating Migraine headaches with the placement of a simple orthotic, so if we look at the search results for key words in this area, we once again have amazing results:

Key word searched for:

Number of times searched for:



Migraine Headaches


Total Migraine Enquiries


Google AU – July 2009

As you can see, if we can generate a reasonable percentage of this traffic through to our site, we will have a huge potential in transferring these web searchers into willing patients.

Although these figures, and what you have read so far, may seem very appealing, it is only natural that you will be asking yourself ‘how can a single website be able to position itself on Google results pages in a way in which traffic will be maximised’?

To answer this concern we have developed programs and highly effective ways to work within the Google search matrix and webmaster business solutions so that our sites will be prominently featured on the first page of Google

By having a first page presence with many sites we will be able to channel the online interest into our parent site.

In the past, many other internet marketing concepts have fallen down due to the excessive cost to keep your site on page one of Google results, though by overcoming this issue, we have opened the door for endless possibilities, with various key words such as, crowns, bridges, veneers, implants, whitening, bonding etc creating an ideal platform which can dramatically grow your current cosmetic client base.

Securing exclusive Postcodes:

Should you decide to join CDA, you will effectively be purchasing a postcode which provides you with a region and will direct all interest within that region to your home page via our site.

Each postcode purchased is exclusively the purchasers, up until the time they wish to cease their membership, hence making the postcode available to be resold.

Each postcode allocation is sold with a maximum population of 20,000 people. In postcodes with populations greater than 20,000, they will be made available for sale to another dentist at each additional 20,000 increment, however the dentist who purchases the postcode first, will be given the option to purchase the second allocation after the first 14 days has expired.

If, for example, your surgery is located in the Sydney CBD – an area with a population greater than 20,000, your name may appear on a common page with more than one LVI graduate dentist, but each name will rotate from the top of the list after it has recorded a hit.

In this case, a prospective patient may view all the dentists home pages before choosing, so it is quite important to have your home page up-to-date, and your Cliental website constructed and well presented.

Should you feel your web site may need up grading or made more “Google friendly”, send us an email and we will have our programmers or web builders report back to you in the near future.

Your Investment:

In our industry, it is suggested that for a company to remain profitable and to continue to grow, it should have at least 9% of its annual turnover reinvested into itself through advertising and other marketing initiatives.

Look at what you currently spend on advertising in local newspapers, the Yellow Pages, home delivered flyers and other out dated means of advertising. It is important to keep up with new technologies and processes, so that you create a competitive edge and continue to grow your business.

Membership fees have been kept at a “realistic level” to attract volume in applications, so we offer you an opportunity to become part of this revolutionary new concept for as little as $150.00 per week.

The reality is that all you need to do is sell 5 crowns within a year to cover your entire membership costs.

Conditions of Membership

For an LVI dentist to become a member of CDA you must have completed Core 2 or above to become eligible.

You must purchase at least one postcode for a minimum of three months, with the first three months paid for up front, followed by monthly instalments, directly debited on the 15th day of each month or the full annual fee may be paid in advance to avoid banking authorities.

Failure to make payments on time will see the membership cancelled and the postcode will once again be available for sale.

As we operate two commercial laboratories in Sydney, you will need to be willing to refer at least one case to either St George Dental Ceramics or UCLA Dental Ceramics each year.

We can’t be everyone’s technician and we don’t want to take all your work away from your current technician, so all we ask is that you send one crown, one orthotic or possibly a smile makeover to us, so we can be part of your business as you grow and further develop.

See the Results Now:

Now you have come to the point where you can see how effective this medium is.

Our site is still very young and needs constant traffic to be “Ranked” towards the top of page one Google Search results.

Currently, you may find our home page Cosmetic Dentists of Australia (pages from Australia) appears only once on page one of Google Search, but in the future we aim to occupy the first 3 or 4 sites which will direct the bulk of dental traffic to our home page and ultimately your surgery.

However, the momentum generated through the volume of these searches in the future will allow the site to maintain its prominence and continue to develop.

Try Google Search (pages from Australia) as of 1st Dec 09

  • Migraine Dentists, 5 listings page 1 Google.
  • Neuromuscular Dentists, 4 listings page 1 Google
  • LVI dentists, 6 listings page 1 Google.

This is an indication of just how powerful these sites have become in such a short time.

Eventually, any combination of these words or any other dental related words like these will all go directly to our site.

Browse through our home page and see how simple and user friendly we have constructed this site.

As this is the first release on the web we only have our Australian LVI instructor’s sites up and running so far, so search with a Sydney or Brisbane postcode and you should see how the system operates.

As stated before, it’s a first come first served basis, so as post codes are sold other sites will start to appear daily.

Please note that sites on the net which are paid for will appear highlighted in colour and will always have priority over ours, but the investments made by those sites are extraordinary, though they do not compare to the value which we can offer you.

Expanding this Concept:

As an added benefit of being an LVI graduate you have the opportunity to “pick the eyes out” of the available postcode areas.

Post codes are available on a first come first served basis, but to be fair to all LVI graduates, only 1 post code allocation can be allocated during the first 14 days of release of this venture so each has an opportunity to purchase their local post code.

After the 14th Dec 09 there will be no limit to the number of postcodes that can be purchased.

In January 2010, we will be creating further directories which will be available to all general dentists throughout Australia.

These directories will work under the same principles and postcodes, but will operate under a different company name and will be a completely separate site to CDA.

If a CDA member has previously been allocated a particular postcode no other Client from this new company will be able to access that postcode unless the population numbers are greater than 20.000.. The terms “Cosmetic, Neuromuscular and Migraine” which are used in the CDA site will be exclusive, meaning that any new directories would not cannibalise the selected market already created.

You will be advised via email prior to the release of the General Dentist directory, should you wish to register your name and details in that directory as well, along with any other specialties you may want included.

Other sites and directories to be made available in the future will be tailored for General Dentists, Orthodontists, Periodontists, Prosthodontists, Endodontists, Oral Surgeon, Maxillofacial Dentist, Implant Dentist, Sedation Dentist, Paediatric Dentist, Family Dentist and Emergency Dentists.

All of these directories will have specific words directed to their sites only, and all qualified and suitably trained dentists will have the opportunity to become a member of as many directories as they wish, each of which will incur an additional fee of $25.00 per week.

LVI Core 1 graduates can register for membership in the General Dentist directory or they can apply to become members of CDA once they have completed minimal level Core 2


In theory, we have become the new Dental Yellow Pages of the internet.

With the exclusive use of our internet structures we will be in control of the majority of dental internet marketing for the next decade or more.

We have limited the number of memberships available so if you miss out on your post code now you may never have another chance to redeem it in the future, so can you afford not to be part of this venture from its inception for a token price of $150 per week.?

In summary, I believe this is the way forward we have been searching for.

It will provide a great service to prospective patients, along with creating a lot of potential to significantly increase the number of cosmetic cases walking through your front door.

Quick Summary:

  • Your surgery on the front page of Google via the CDA site.
  • Exclusive topics, Cosmetic, Neuromuscular and Migraine Dentistry directed to our members.
  • Exclusive Post Codes with searches redirected to you
  • Low Risk, High Rewards.
  • $150 per week plus GST, min 3 months.
  • No long term contracts.
  • Quality leads from Instinctive Searches to Cosmetic, Neuromuscular and  Migraine
  • One off opportunity, first come first served.
  • Unlike any other Internet marketing campaign for the Dental Industry ever!
  • The linking we do to your site will result in higher ranking and new links created

Our Guarantee:

Our guarantee to you is that your surgery web site will open exclusively 100% of the time following a Google search via our CDA site, before you have paid 1 cent !

When a client on our CDA site looks for THE dental specialities Cosmetic, Neuromuscular, Migraine by postcode or suburb – if this is your exclusive postcode / suburb, your site and only your site will open from the Clients search.

The day your site goes live an email will be sent advising that you have been successful with your chosen postcode allocation, along with an invoice for your preferred payment option you have 7 days for us to receive payment of your invoice or you will be removed from the site and your chosen postcode will be placed back on the market.

To become part of this exciting venture and be listed on the CDA site, you will need to fill in the attached membership application form and email or post it to the address or site listed below ………

As we are giving LVI graduates first choice to become members of this concept, we are also requesting that you test run it for us so we can improve in the future.

We are looking for any feedback or suggestions before we release this program any further. If you found anything wrong with our introduction, the concept , or anything that has not been explained well enough I would appreciate a private email to be sent to me so that we can address the problem. Any feedback at all will be greatly appreciated,.

Kind Regards,

Bill Cearns.
Australia’s first LVI Trained Technician and Specialist LVI Dental Laboratory